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consumers can:

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  • Compare health insurance plans from carriers nationwide
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Best rates guaranteed in the market.
Our company works continuously with the largest health insurance carriers in the country and continuously strive to obtain the best and most affordable rates for our clients. We guarantee the lowest quotes for health insurance than any other company.

Do you have pre-existing conditions? Not an issue!
Whether your rate has increased or you have been declined due to pre-existing health conditions, we can still provide you with coverage. Numerous health insurance carriers are still willing to insure you regardless of these conditions. Health issues including diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight or obesity, previous strokes, amongst others, do not limit you to still receive insurance. Contact us to provide you with the best health benefits.

Don’t worry about unexpected mid-year rate increments.
Selective Healthcare is able to provide our customers with guaranteed 12 month quotes that prevent you from having to pay mid-year increased rates. Our company will assure you the most stable rates in the country to protect you from unpleasant surprises and rising premiums in upcoming months.

We only work with the leading health insurance carriers for your coverage.
Top nationwide carriers including Assurant, United, HII, Fidelity, CBL and more, will assure you the best health benefits. You will be able to compare all of their quotes to feel assured you are receiving the best coverage at an ideal rate.

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